About our group

Left to Right: Maxim Gavrilenko, Michael Sly, Philip Skemer, Yuval Boneh, Andrew Cross, Kelsey williams, Michael Krawczynski, Rachel Wells, Helene Couvy (missing Andrew deJong)

ESPM group | Sept 2016


The ESPM group uses experimental approaches to study the mechanical and chemical behavior of rocks and minerals. The group is comprised of two labs: the rock deformation lab (Prof. Phil Skemer – PI) and the experimental geochemistry lab (Prof. Mike Krawczynski – PI). Our labs use high pressure and high temperature experimental apparatus to simulate the conditions within Earth and other solar system bodies. Our experimental approach is complemented by state of the art analytical facilities, including electron probe micro-analysis (EPMA), scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM and TEM), secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD).

Calcite-anhydrite composites deformed using the Large Volume Torsion apparatus
Liquide immiscibility in synthetic Apollo 12 moon sample
U and Th dopped zircons